Get a qualified dealflow matching
your investment strategy

Invest in selected companies and startups with a high growth potential
that are raising +1 million USD around the world.

Because less than 3% of the dealflow pass the 2nd meeting with VCs,
stop wasting time in the screening phase and instead focus on high-quality deals.

Our tool screens out qualified companies that meet quality criteria
and selects investment opportunities matching your investment strategy.

Intelligent dealflow screening with ideasfundx

How it works


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Investors are individuals, angels, VC firms, CVC or other organizations who invest min $100k per deal in Seed and Series A+ startups in any industry sector. Startups are located all over the world. Investors can target deals located in specific geographic areas.

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Receive promising qualified deals matching your strategy and expectations

Our process and tools control that each deal meets a set of quality requirements so we limit the signal pollution for investors.

Our matching algorithms and filtering programs select relevant qualified deals matching investor preferences.

Our 2 step recommandation process aims to protect the information confidentiality.

Screen relevant high quality deals
Connect with companies and Invest


Choose only deals you want to learn more

Investors picks up their own choice of deals and access to more information about each deal they have selected

After reviewing the information available, they decide wether or not to establish a first contact with the company.

How much

Payment staggered according to the progress of the investment process


A yearly membership to receive qualified deals flow

IdeasFundX offers you a free trial for the first 6 months.

Try IdeasFundX services for free the first 6 months and then pay a yearly membership of $490 excl. tax.


If the negotiation is successful and you invest in the company, IdeasFundX takes a success fee of 4% of the investment.

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