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thanks to IdeasFundX

IdeasFundX is for companies and series A and B startups that are
raising +1 million USD around the world

Less than 3% of the dealflow pass the 2nd meeting with VCs.
IdeasFundX relieves this “pain” that many series A and B level companies face by
easing the process of securing funding from trusted investors.

Our AI-driven matchmaking tools help companies pass the screening step
and get introduced to relevant investors.

Growing a successful business with ideasfundx

How it works


Create your Company Profile

Present your company

Companies are Seed and Serie A+ startups and companies in fast growth who are looking for + USD $1 Million of funding

pitch and present your company
Pass the qualification and get ready to meet investors


Pass the qualification review

Complete your application

Describe your business, growth plan and your funding needs...

Get practical feedback to maximize your chance to convince investors

Be shortlisted among the qualified dealflow


Be introduced to relevant investors

Our matching algorithms and filtering programs select relevant investors for your company.

Investors receive qualified dealflow matching their preferences and investment strategies.

Be introduced only to relevant investors and VCs
Connect with investors and negotiate the investment deal


Start discussing with investors

Investors picks up their own choice of deals and access to more information about each deal they have selected.

After reviewing the information available, they contact the company to start the discussion.

How much

Payment staggered according to the progress of the funding process


When you apply to IdeasFundX, you’re paying a fixed fee of 0.1% of the amount of your company’s funding need to go through the qualification process and be referred to investors.


After being qualified, to recommend your company to investors, you should subscribe a yearly membership of $490 excl. tax.


If the negotiation is successful and the investment agreement is signed, IdeasFundX takes a success fee of 4% of the investment.

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