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Because we want the best for you, we are offering assistance for companies who need feedback on their Pitch Deck or advice before fundraising.

Consult our experts

30 or 60 minutes 1:1 consultations.

1:1 Perks

  • Dedicated time
  • Call notes
  • Get insight
  • Know what you need to do now

$150 / 30 min

To schedule the consultation

  1. Fill in the Contact Us form to schedule the call
  2. Book the day and time
  3. Pay to confirm the booking
  4. Receive the Appointment Confirmation

Get Feedback for your Pitch Deck

Feedback Perks

  • Get practical and actionable deck feedback

$300 excl. tax per deck

To get feedback

  • Email your pitch deck for a review to contact@ideasvoice.com with your name, your phone number, your address and your pitch deck attached
  • We will send you an invoice to pay before giving our feedbacks
  • Receive the invoice
  • Pay
  • Get our feedbacks (1/2 pages)

Find cofounders, business partners, exciting projects

IDEASVOICE is an international project based platform. We connect people with projects nearby you and around the world.

For entrepreneurs

IDEASVOICE makes the life of entrepreneurs easier and increases the chances of success of their projects thanks to the quality of their founding team.

  • Save time in the search of cofounders and partners
  • Find the right partner or cofounder with complementary skills
  • Improve your project by collecting the opinions of a professional audience
  • Gauge the attractiveness of your project

For future cofounders and business partners

IDEASVOICE increases the opportunity for future cofounders to identify projects and startups, learn about their needs and to join a venture.

  • Promote your experience and communicate your expectations
  • Save time in the search of projects
  • Interact with founders to show your interest in their projects
  • Be part of the winning team that will bring the project to success

+14000 members around the world

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