You can help, as an ambassador !

Who are our Ambassadors?

Global: ambassadors are entrepreneurs, investors, and startup ecosystem builders around the world
Committed to talented founders: ambassadors want to see talented founders get funded
Values aligned: ambassadors believe in respect, giving first, and supporting the community; and do not discriminate, bully, or lack of integrity.


Word-of-mouth: ambassadors spread the word about the IdeasFundX Tool to their local investor and founder community.
Submissions: drive investor and founder submissions to the IdeasFundX Tool.
Feedback: ambassadors share feedback to make the IdeasFundX Tool better and help more underestimated founders get funded

How do I become an ambassador?

Start spreading the word on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or wherever your startup ecosystem exists.
As soon as we get a startup or an investor submission, letting us know that you referred them, you'll become an official ambassador.

Benefits for ambassadors

Join our exclusive global community of ambassadors, entrepreneurs and investors
Get a shout out in our Newsletter and Media channels
Earn a commission for the investments made with the company or the investor referred by you

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